New mums get together for coffee and chatter! You will often see in coffee shops groups of new mums armed with breast-feeding aprons, huge nappy bags and of course their little babies in tow!!
In the early weeks after giving birth it can feel a mission just leaving the house, getting a shower and sometimes not getting dressed until the afternoon!! And thats if you leave the house at all!! It may feel like your life has been completely been turned upside down!!

So what do new mums talk about?

Often the conversation is just about their new offspring, with no mention of life outside babies! No chat about career paths, social events (unless it involves the baby), interests or anything else beyond being a mum! But that’s to be expected as your new baby has now become your world and your main focus….Many mums tell me just getting through the day is a challenge in itself!!

Sleep deprivation:

Sleep; well the lack of it; is the most common topic of conversation. Being sleep deprived as a new mum is part of being a new parent. Many mums chat about how crippling it is surviving on such little sleep, if any!!
If it’s not sleepless nights the conversation is on how many times your baby wakes up at night; how long it takes to settle them; does your partner or hubby get up too! Any miracle solutions to share!!

Birth stories:

Often at my postnatal groups new mums open up about their birth stories. It is totally a badge of honour getting through childbirth and mums are so proud of their achievements! (So rightly) Mums talk about were they induced, forcep deliveries, birth plan out of the window! Cesareans, doula support and how supportive their partners were during the delivery!

mimijumi very hungry bottleFeeding:

So many opinions about how mums should feed their babies! Many mums are left feeling so confused and guilty over their feeding choices, it all feels so overwhelming and so complicated!
‘Breast is best’ thats what we are all led to believe, but it is not for everyone. So many formula’s to choose from, reflux, wind, colic, feeding apps!! A whole new minefield for new mums!

The must have products:

The baby market is saturated with those must have products! New mums love sharing which baby products really got them through those first few weeks and months. We’ve also all had products we didn’t really need or want! But resist the urge to buy the baby wipe warmer, or multiple identical items! Mums love sharing the best product you must get!

How are you coping?

Thats what everyone asks you from health visitors to family members they will all want to know your every thought of being a new mum!!

Is baby sleeping? How are you finding motherhood? Is it what you expected?

The list goes on! However when mums get together this topic sometimes get forgotten about, many new mums just want to brush it under the carpet, they want to appear their coping really well, but in reality its a tough job and some new mums just aren’t good asking for help or accepting it. For some being a new mum just doesn’t come easy!

As a new mum what I found priceless was being around other new mums who had babies the same age and were experiencing some of the same worries and anxieties that I was going through.
I just needed to get out and meet up with others and chat about being a new mum!!
I was desperate to feel human again and actually make to it out of the house, coffee shops became my new social hub!

parents and coThats what led me to creating my new mum & baby social postnatal groups ‘Bonding & Beyond’, as I felt there needed to be somewhere mums could meet other new mums in their local area and share their experiences of motherhood in a relaxed, sociable environment.

Parents & Co’s postnatal course for new mums offers non judgemental, positive advice, tips and guidance. It answers questions on babies early milestones and best of all it gives new mums some structure to their week and something to look forward to!!

Why not book a place on our next course.

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