What my clients share about working with me:

Natalie & Finn

“I don’t know where we would have landed in those early days without Karen’s help and support. After our son, Finley, was born, I was desperate to introduce some sort of ‘scaffolding’ into our day – rather than waking up each morning facing a free for all. And I really wanted us to equip ourselves with some foundational sleeping tools and associations that would help Finn begin to happily settle in a sleep space – for more than 30 minutes – that wasn’t always my arms.

Karen jumped right in on WhatsApp, email, phone and also in person to help me find a rhythm that was right for our family. She understood that I needed more structure, even though Finn was still little. And has helped us establish techniques that ultimately meant we’ve had a baby who’s, on the whole, slept through the night since he was three months old.

On top of that, at each developmental leap, Karen has always been on hand to help tweak and advise on changes to our approach. It’s the most comforting thing in the world for a new mum to have an experienced, responsive, empathetic source of truth down the end of the phone. Especially if you’re anything like me and you’ve Googled everything twice, are sleep deprived and your head is ready to explode!

Ten months in, if I’m not sure, I’m doubting myself or I am totally stumped by how to help Finn, Karen is still walking by my side. And for that we will always be grateful.


 Scarlett, Maya & Tim…

“Karen came recommended to us by 2 different parents and we are not sure that words can describe how  amazing it was to have her support, guidance, expertise and care for our daughter Scarlett.

Having had a tricky start with the birth and a few rough weeks in the beginning Karen came to us and we honestly can say that without her 90% of the things that she has taught us and helped our little girl we would have never know.

She helped us with reflux, feeding, sleeping schedule, tricks on burping, tricks with nappies, paediatricians… the list is endless.

Karen  really eased us into parenthood in the most calm, gentle and professional manner. I am not sure what we would have done without her- I don’t even want to think about it!

She has years and years of the most invaluable experience with babies and her approach to helping us and also looking after Scarlett was just incredible.

She would always remember the jabs and check in on Scarlett after wards, or a paediatrician appointment to see how she went – her communication and care for the days she wasn’t even with us was so kind and meant the world to us, she is always there to give advice and support  if we are not sure of something.

We just love her – Scarlett misses her around, as do we!!! We cannot put into words enough how incredible she is – all babies need Karen!!! We feel so lucky to have met her.


India, Rebecca & Ben …

“I contacted Karen when my daughters reflux was through the roof and her nights and day naps had become pretty much non existent. She had us up every 40-60 minutes throughout the entire night and could only nap for 25-30 minutes maximum 4 times during the day!

Needless to say, my husband and I were exhausted, stressed and struggling to enjoy our lovely baby girl who just constantly seemed tired.
After seeking the right medical advice and getting my daughters reflux under control with a combination of medication we were finally in the position to start working on her sleep.
Karen came and stayed with us for 24 hours to check my daughter was comfortable and her issues were habit related and not pain related.
It sounds crazy but I had got to the point where I couldn’t tell, things had got so messy – I just felt so out of my depth being a first time mum!
Things started to improve for us the day Karen arrived. She was so relaxed, easy going, reassuring, friendly and brilliant with our daughter.
We started very gentle sleep training that night and Karen gave me the confidence that now was the perfect time to do it.
As soon as Karen left and we had received the bespoke sleep training program specifically made for our daughter by Karen, my husband and I went for it.
It was the BEST decision ever.
The first 2 nights were quite tough but by night 3 she was sleeping through.
We were absolutely amazed. The method was gentle, relative to other ‘sleep training’ stories from friends.
It is tough at first, as she had some tantrums, but holding our nerve and following Karen’s advice was crucial and she worked it out really quickly and is much better for it and so are we!
She dropped her night feed the first night we started training too and hasn’t woken for it since! We managed to get rid of her dummy as well which was incredible, she doesn’t even want it now.
She goes down at 7pm and wakes around 6-6.30am. This has remained the case for the last 5 weeks, bar the odd teething episode and early wakings, all of which Karen helped us through.
My daughters naps were dreadful too and now she is capable of doing 2 longer naps (1-2 hours) twice a day. I never, ever thought I would be able to conquer these, but once her nights had improved the days gradually got better and better (As Karen promised). We still have the odd day of course (natural with reflux and teething) but I can cope with that.
Karen has been there every step of the way via WhatsApp and telephone. She replies within seconds. Her support and knowledge (especially with reflux) has been a total life saver for us and a game changer for our little girls sleep.
I think the best thing about it all is that we have our lives back and can enjoy a happier and refreshed little 7 month old.

I highly recommend Karen, not only for her sleep training expertise but her experience of reflux and allergies has been so invaluable.

She has offered lots and lots of useful tips and tricks to help with a really tricky little baby. I’m a first time mum and felt way out of my depth but I feel so much more in control now and relaxed and it’s all thanks to Karen.”


“Karen came highly recommended to me, so I had no hesitation in getting in touch to meet with Karen ahead of caring for our baby son, Teddy. On first meeting Karen, I was instantly put at ease by her incredibly calm personality, and totally natural affinity with babies. Karen has a magic way of balancing complete discretion and a maintaining a professional demeanour, whilst at the same time becoming part of the family very quickly! Karen has two sons of her own, and loads of experience with newborns, and I knew right away as first time parents, we would all be in good hands! Karen was initially signed up to be with us for two weeks, but we kept extending it as we felt Karen’s support was invaluable. I had an emergency c-section, which wasn’t planned for, and it really helped having an extra pair of hands with night feeds. It meant I could get some proper rest in between feeds, and I recovered quicker because of it. Karen’s help went the extra mile, as she not only supported us not only at night, but also helped to diagnose Teddy’s tongue tie, and reflux, pointing us in the right direction for further support and medical help. We are still in touch with Karen, and consider her a very important part of Teddy’s life.”

Otillie, Hugo & Shauna

“We love Karen!  We first met Karen when our twins were six weeks old and we were looking for some night support, but she has become so much more to us than “just” an extra pair of hands! At our first meeting, Karen’s gentle nature filled me with confidence that our two would be in excellent hands during the nights that she was with us. We’ve since built an excellent rapport with her and the kids are calm and happy to see her.

Her expert advice has been helpful in so many ways – she has helped us in establishing and adapting a routine, troubleshooting sleep and feeding issues, and in lots of other areas as well.  Karen is also extremely professional and reliable.  She is always on time (early!) and responds quickly to emails and texts.  I can’t recommend her enough!

Emma, Ellie & Dominic …

“At the start of the year our boy/girl twins were coming up 16 months and sleep was an issue. Our boy has bronchiolitis and is regularly ill, so struggles to sleep or settle himself. Our girl is usually a good sleeper but had recently become clingy and was refusing to go down in her cot. I therefore dreaded bedtime and worried about how we would get them back to sleep if they woke in the night. We could not remember what a full night’s sleep felt like but longed for it.

In the middle of a particularly bad bedtime, where we ended up putting both twins in the car to get them to sleep, I broke and text Karen. I confessed that I was fed up, that I felt like a failure and we needed help. Karen was brilliant, she immediately made me feel like there was light at the end of the tunnel and it wasn’t a train. She came to the house to speak to me and my husband. We confessed to everything such as the trips out in the car and the milk in the middle of the night and Karen never once judged us. Looking back this meeting was really important and felt like a release. We both got to speak about what it felt like and discussed potential solutions, including what we thought wouldn’t work. It meant we were both bought into the process, rather than one sorting it out and the other having it happen to them.

Karen went away and really thought about the needs of each child and our particular circumstances. She felt it would be best to take our girl first, as she was likely to be the easiest and then the confidence from this would give us the strength to tackle our boy. Karen sent us the first plan, talked us through it and with support at the end of the phone (including at night when it all felt hard) we gave it all we had. I am surprised to say our feisty little girl reacted really well and she really responded to the plan. We then took a couple of weeks to psych ourselves up to dealing with our little boy. Karen sent us a new plan, which was a bit different, and talked us through it again. Realistically it was always going to be harder, so we waited until we could commit to being at home together for a number of nights, as we knew it would take a lot of energy from both of us. The first night was really hard, but it gradually got easier and I am really proud of how well he is doing. Things are not yet perfect, but I feel more confident in dealing with him and as I now get more sleep, I find it easier to cope with everything.

Two months ago I couldn’t face booking a family holiday because the sleeping situation was too much to bear thinking about. However, now things feel better, we have booked a few days away as a trial for a proper family holiday in the summer.

I am really grateful to Karen for her guidance and support through this process. The interesting thing is the logical part of my brain knew some of the things we were doing were not helping our situation and I had a fair idea of what we should be doing, but I just couldn’t translate it into action. It was only by working with Karen and her breaking it down into steps, then providing support to encourage us, that we managed to make it work. I really would encourage anyone who wants to make a change and help their child sleep better to work with Karen as it really can transform your life.”

Lydia, Joel & Ollie …

Karen continues to be like a fairy godmother to us all – she is amazing with our twin boys, who in turn adore her – and she is always there to help and answer all my questions. Very highly recommended.

Ciara …

Karen is a true gem, with a warm, knowledgable and calm demeanour. Perfect for when one needs some assistance with little ones! My situation was a challenge even for the most experienced with children. Someone recommended Karen to me and what a wonderful soul, with practical advice and patience. Karen is very responsive and provides a lot of encouragement to boot. Together, we established what was bothering my little one and slowly got her back in to a routine and myself out the door again.
I would highly recommend Karen and her business for support and advice for parents and babies. “

Daisy …

As first time parents you get lots of unhelpful advice, especially when you have a problem. Our problem was that we hadn’t had a full night’s sleep for 20 months and the cracks were really showing! Our daughter would need cuddling to sleep and would wake up every night, at least once, for around 2 whole hours. Lots of people told me to let our her cry herself to sleep but that felt wrong to me, it hurt me to even think about it so we carried on cuddling her to sleep and hoped one day she’d sleep through the night by herself. My husband has a demanding job and I am pregnant again and looking after an active toddler, we started to feel like we weren’t fulfilling our roles properly, like exhaustion had become part of our personalities and we were totally different people. We were unhappy, stressed and parenting became harder and harder. The disturbed sleep must have been having the same effect on our daughter. Karen was recommended to me by two friends so I thought she must be worth a try! She took the time to get to know my daughter and I, how we worked and all about our history, she made me feel absolutely comfortable and totally respected and understood why I didn’t want try any method that’d leave my little girl feeling insecure. She spent time with my girl too, I felt like Karen LIKED her and that gave me confidence that she would do her best to help us all in a kind and gentle way. She gave us a very comprehensive sleep plan specifically for us, it was very detailed and she went through it with me to make sure I understood and was comfortable with each step. My initial thought was “ha! Yeah right, she’ll never sleep!” however my husband and I were absolutely determined and we started the plan with positivity. On the third night our little night owl slept straight through, then every night since (except when she’s been poorly or teething). The only reason we were able to stick to a sleep plan is because we had the reassurance and support from Karen, we wouldn’t have had a clue how to do it on our own and would have lost our resolve after the first night had it not been for the supportive texts and calls – she doesn’t just give you a sleep plan and leave you to it, she recognises that it’s a huge change for you as a parent too and gives you the strength and motivation to keep trying, as well as practical advice. It has been life changing, when you become a parent you understand why sleep deprivation is used as torture (I have previously Googled “can you die from exhaustion?”) – but now life is just totally different! I have more patience, I give my little girl more fun on a daily basis, I can do maths in my head again and I no longer do stupid things like put my purse in the fridge and the cheese in my handbag. My husband doesn’t fall asleep on trains anymore and has been far better company too! Don’t hesitate asking Karen for help, it’s truly awful being sleep deprived and it’s so easy to remedy with the right help, which Karen most certainly is. I wish we’d found her sooner! 

Louise and baby Olivia …

I went to Karen’s course at The Kings Stag and heard about it through some friends. I can honestly say I think Karen is amazing and has helped me with any issues I have had with my daughter. At first she have me some great advice whilst Olivia went through the 4 month sleep regression phase and next I had issues with Olivia not wanting her milk so Karen advised that she may have silent reflux and to switch her milk to comfort milk and stretch her feeds to 4 hourly. It worked wonders. Her courses are fab and she knows all there is to know about babies! 

Faye and Seth …

I first met Karen during one of the Parents & Co baby group she holds in Bushey. In a few sessions she covered everything from weaning, teething to sleep training. She has been such a find and has provided me with endless advice and assistance. I’ve stayed in touch and even though my lo is now 2 she is still providing me so much support. She’s such a lovely, patient and calm lady and I feel she really wants to help with what ever is troubling you. I feel calmer and more in control just speaking to her. I cannot recommend her enough for first time parents.

Rebecca …

Karen has literally given me my life back. Her advice, support and in particular sleep-training is invaluable. I love how she was smart in how she approached me, seeing I was cautious but then allowed me to see what really needed to be done in order to get my 2 and 4 year old daughters to respond more positively to my parenting. I can’t thank Karen enough. She is an absolute credit to have on this earth with her kindness and determination. The relationship I now have with my children is so much happier.

Minal …

Thank you Karen for providing an invaluable insight into some hot topics surrounding the care of newborn babies. I particularly enjoyed baby sensory, I have noticed my little really enjoying playtime now, the stimulation has also promoted better sleep too.
It was a pleasure to take part on the course, I will be lost on Wednesday mornings now! I would highly recommend the course to new mums looking for some friendly advice/hoping to expand their mummy circle…

Claire …

Karen has been such a great support, she is the expert in all things baby! She has so much knowledge to share and great tips that have made such a difference!! I can not recommend her enough, plus she is super personable and great to chat with! 

Hayley and Georgia …

 Karen’s always very punctual and reliable and I can’t recommend her highly enough. She is very interactive with babies and has a genuine interest in their well-being.


  • I would highly recommend Karen Langston to anyone that I asked me about her childcare services.
  • I have known and used Karen for over a year intermittently and have always felt extremely confident leaving my very clingy baby with her with full ease that she is happy and being cared for exceptionally. Karen is very caring and very calming for stressed out mummy’s.
  • I am very happy with all aspects of childcare and Karen also leaves the house impeccable tidy.

I aim to be flexible and supportive in myapproach, so please just get in touch and ask :)  Contact me:  Karen@parentsandco.co.uk or by phone +44  (0) 776 2038269

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