Postnatal support options

practical and emotional support for new parents

newborn care

Newborn care

0-4 months

This package is perfect for new parents needing help, support and guidance with their newborn babies including feeding, settling, winding, reflux, bathing, flexible routines, regressions and general baby care. This package offers a home visit if within 15 mile radius to Hertfordshire, UK,  or a zoom call with follow up support.

Night Nanny Support - sleeping baby at night

remote support

newborns to 6 yrs

This package is perfect for parents who need help, advice and guidance on all aspects of parenting from feeding, settling, reflux, bottle refusal, regressions, weaning, behaviour and potty training. Remote support offers consultations via zoom, Skype or teams with follow up support.

Sleep consultant London

overnight support

£22 – £30 per hour

This is perfect for parents with newborns offering hands on gentle responsive overnight support, helping you with feeding, breast or formula, ensuring you have time to rest and recover after giving birth. I am also there to discuss any worries or concerns you may have.

troubleshooting call

troubleshooting call

0-6 months

This troubleshooting call is perfect for these ‘out of the blue’ questions or if you are seeking guidance on babies feeding, routines, weaning, teething and more. Following the call you will receive an email highlighting the techniques/routines changes discussed.

ongoing monthly support

Ongoing monthly support

newborns to 2 yrs old

This monthly ongoing package is perfect for you if you would like remote ongoing support such as: breastfeeding, formula feeding, bottle refusal, combination feeding, reflux, dropping the dummy, potty training or general babycare support with age appropriate routines and much more.

Postnatal Support 

Congratulations on the arrival of your new baby!

Becoming new parents can be a time of pure joy and complete chaos; you can feel isolated and challenged by your new bundle of joy!

Often new parents can feel overwhelmed and exhausted in the early weeks, I find there is almost too much information online, leaving parents feeling confused and daunting their maternal instinct.

Many new parents are expected to cope alone and muddle their way through those first few months of being new parents with very few role models or family living close by to give you that practical and emotional support! 

As an experienced early years practitioner, maternity nurse (non medical), breastfeeding support volunteer and infant sleep consultant, I can help you adjust to your new baby/babies providing you with the support, care and guidance you need.

Mum holding head of baby - postnatal support

What is Postnatal Support ? 

  • Ensuring mums are cared for after giving birth, providing emotional and physical support,
  • Guidance and support on breast or formula feeding;
  • Helping parents to understand their babies communication cues;
  • Helping parents understand appropriate routines for sleep and feeding;
  • Guiding parents with all baby’s basic needs such as: bathing, dressing, settling and soothing techniques,  allowing mum to get some much needed rest either in the day or night.
  • Help on a wide range of parenting issues, such as: establishing feeding, breast, bottle or combination feeding, night support, reflux and digestive issues, establishing a flexible routine, general baby care, settling issues, baby weaning onto solid foods, cooking for baby, potty training support, and emotional support.

happy family with newborn

Why is there a need for Postnatal Support?

In an ideal situation your extended family would be able to provide much needed practical support during your time as new parents, but often the modern family may not have the luxury of family living close by or the overall network support system. The old African proverb, ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ is very true; therefore many new mums or dads find themselves feeling isolated and lacking support. 

Evidence shows that providing the right care and support in the early transition to parenthood can have a long term effect on the health and wellbeing of women and their partners.

 New parents often have no previous experience of newborn babies until they hold their own! This can be an unsettling and frightening experience, as new parents lack confidence.

 As a postnatal maternity practitioner I will come to your home, either during the day for a few hours or at night, offering you practical support and equipping you with the skills, and routines you need to help you feel confident as a parent.

What are the Advantages of PostNatal Support?

With the help and support of an experienced maternity practitioner the new mum can avoid the pressure of rushing back into normal day-to-day activities. She will have time to rest and recover after giving birth, enabling her to bond with her baby or babies. 

Evidence shows having the right postnatal support can improve breastfeeding rates, reduce postnatal depression, and ease the transition into parenthood and boosts confidence.

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