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Baby & child Sleep support packages

Sleep consultancy & support for parents 

Baby Sleep Shaper

baby sleep shaper package

0 – 6 months

This package is perfect for new parents wanting help, support and guidance with creating healthy sleep shaping habits for the first 6 months with your baby.

Sleep shaper package

Remote sleep package

6 months to 8 yrs
from £240 / 2 weeks

This package is perfect for parents who want 1:1  remote support for 2 or 4 weeks, with an individualised sleep plan plus scheduled follow up coaching calls to trouble shoot even the trickiest situations.

Sleep shaper package

hands-on sleep support

 6 months to 8 yrs various options

These packages are perfect for families who want help holding their hands in implementing sleep changes, giving parents a confidence boost to enjoy their parenting journey and have happy well rested children.

Sleep shaper package

Sleep support call

 Babies & children 

This one-off call is perfect for those smaller sleep issues you maybe facing, such as short naps, early rising, linking sleep cycles general guidance on bedtime routines, after our call I will follow up with an email highlighting the changes discussed.

Baby Sleep Consultancy

Do you need help and support with your baby or child’s sleep?

Being a sleep deprived parent can be tough, and whilst there is a wealth of information and advice available, nothing beats having a knowledgeable and reliable experienced sleep practitioner to talk to and to get reassurance or sound advice from with a sleep issue or concern.

My aim with my baby and toddler sleep consultancy is to be that supportive shoulder to lean on in times of need, although there is a vast amount of sleep information all aimed at tired sleep deprived parents, much of it I find to be conflicting advice and can often overload tired parents with information by what to do next!!

My infant sleep support packages are designed to resolve any sleep related issues from persistent night waking, difficult bedtimes and supporting your little one to sleep in their own bed.

I use proven soothing sleep techniques and support you through the whole process, especially when you are having confidence dips, I’ve been there and I get how overwhelming it can all feel!

sleep consultancy, sleep consultant, karen langston

A family centred Sleep coaching approach

My approach to sleep coaching is family centred, I encourage you to offer reassurance and comfort to your child during the sleep coaching process.

My aim is to support you through the tricky and challenging times, giving you the confidence to manage the plan.

I do not promise no crying, as making changes can bring tears, my plans are gentle and responsive as much as possible, while being practical and – more importantly –  evidence based.

After you have contacted me, I will send you the sleep diary and sleep questionnaire forms to complete.  This helps me ascertain the nature of the sleep issues and how I can help and best support you with an individual sleep package which suits your child and family needs.

family centred approach

If you’d like to discuss your situation in more depth,
I’d love to hear from you!

Feel free to drop me an email: or use the form below

Or call me:  +44  (0) 776 2038269

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