Newborn care

Newborn Care

0-4 months | £250

This package is for newborn babies 0-4 months old.

It includes a 2 hour visit, after my visit your will receive an advice plan and a follow up call, further support can be booked.

newborn care support

The newborn care package includes:


2 hour Home visit (for those living within 15 miles of postcode WD24) or Zoom call 


Supporting your physical and emotional recovery, practical support to help you care for your newborn/s.


Discuss how sleep changes during the first 12 weeks, how to work through any challenges such as life with 2, safe sleep,reflux and digestive issues, bed sharing, winding and settling techniques, feeding and expressing, growth spurts and how to manage crying.


Providing practical support on establishing routines on sleep, feeding, bathing and general baby care.


Being there to reassure parents and answering any of those normal parenting questions.


Let mum have the opportunity to discuss her birth, new role as a parent and how she’s feeling.


If you have multiplies, can also advise how to tandem feed, synchronise their feeds, and gain some much needed sleep.

We will also discuss the ‘4 month sleep regression’ period where there are huge developmental leaps with your baby. This visit will go through tackling the changes ensuring your baby is back on track as quickly as possible.

Book your newborn care package
or request a free call


Alternatively, you can drop me an email – or call me:  +44  (0) 776 2038269.
I will aim to get back to you within 48 hours

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