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Children with Sensory Needs Sleep Package:  from 6 months to 10 years old

6 months – 10 years | £375

Having a child that doesn’t sleep can be exhausting and challenging, often parents with a child who has sensory needs feel confused and frustrated on where to begin to get help and support with their child’s sleep journey!

All parents really want to know is “how can I get the help and support with my child’s sleep issues?” I help parents understand and overcome their sensory child’s sleep issues with simple, easy to follow sleep strategies.

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What I Offer:

I will carry out a detailed sleep assessment for your child identifying your child’s individual sleep needs and create a sleep plan to help address their main challenges, this may include ways to help your child deal with anxiety, overwhelm and sensory activities to promote relaxation. At times adapting their sleep environment to suit their needs, offering tools and resources which they will benefit from, and often using behavioural strategies can all help support their sleep.

My Sensory Sleep package will also offer ongoing support to help implement the sleep strategies and help work through the most challenging situations. Often with children who have sensory needs implementing changes can take time, so my package will include support for up to 8 weeks (about 2 months), where we will have regular check in calls to review progress and make changes if needed, I want to offer a plan where parents feel they are moving in a positive direction! We all deserve better sleep!

I help and support babies from 6 months old up to 10 years, all with varying needs. The methods and strategies I use are gentle, kind and evidence based. Sleep varies a lot and it’s important I help and support you understand your little one’s problems, sleep issues and offer creative ideas to help you achieve your goals, giving you confidence to manage and implement the changes.

My sensory sleep package includes:


Sleep telephone Consultation call is up to 90 minutes (telephone or zoom call)


In depth Individual Sleep Assessment Questionnaire


Sleep diary completed


Personalised Step by step sleep plan


Sensory Sleep Resource Handouts, play, stretch, relax and calming strategies.


Ongoing and unlimited support for up to 8 weeks (about 2 months), follow up phone call every 2 weeks reviewing your child’s sleep logs plus support via WhatsApp or email.

* Home visits are available locally to Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, and London travel is charged. Please request this at the time of booking.

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