The art of instinctive cooking

We asked Danielle founder of ‘The Cobbled Kitchen’ five questions about her business supporting mums cooking from fresh and from scratch. Here are her answers to our questions…

Q1: Tell us about you and the business

Hello, my name is Danielle and I’m a mother of two boys in my mid-40s who decided 2 years ago that I could no longer be a secondary school teacher as well as a mum! And so, it came to a “now or never” moment to pursue the idea of being self-employed and doing what I love – cooking and teaching. I passionately believe that we should all be cooking from scratch almost every day and that it is easy as well as cheaper, healthier, sustainable and does not have to take up hours of our precious time. Young or old, male or female, I want to help you grow in confidence to cook more. See my website for further details.

Chopped herbsQ2: How did you come up with the idea of the Cobbled Kitchen?

I believe that we can all develop an instinctive and creative approach to cooking which relieves us from the shackles of cookery books and prescriptive recipes. It always takes me longer to cook from a set recipe than it does to make it up as I go along as I’m constantly going back and checking what the recipe is telling me to do! As a child, whenever my brother or I enquired what was for dinner, the answer was invariably, “oh, some concoction!” And to this day, I cobble together meals using whatever I happen to have in already and whatever needs using most urgently. My husband cleverly thought of “The Cobbled Kitchen”.

Q3: Tell us about your sociable mum & baby cookery classes

Every week (different days and times) I run a themed 2 hour class in my own kitchen for 6 people to come and learn in a very hands-on way, how to cobble together meals and dishes which is then divided up and they take home tub-fulls of delicious food! I’ve often had both sleeping and screaming babies accompanying us – well, we all have to cook with all sorts going on – with my two it’s usually a fight or trampoline injury that has to get seen to while I’m cooking!Bowls

See here for what’s coming up between now and Christmas! You can also book through the website making it easier for you to secure your place.

From 2016, I aim to run two of these Cobbled Together classes per week. They cost £35 per person which includes all the ingredients, take-home printed notes, and the priceless confidence boosting “me-time” we all deserve! If you book any three classes you get £15.00 off! www.thecobbledkitchen/cobbled-together-shop

Q4: Do your classes cook from scratch and are they interactive?

Cobbled Kitchen FounderDefinitely and always!

If you’re not sure, why not sign up to my monthly newsletter to get a few ideas you could try at home if you prefer, or just to be kept in the loop as to what I’m up to.

Q5: Do you find the Cobbled Kitchen classes are a fun way for mum’s to make new friends?

There have been times when (if it suits) my clients haven’t wanted to leave, so we cleared up together, put the kettle on and then sat out in the garden for a good old chat!

Thanks to Danielle for answering these questions and for her insight.

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