Prepare as much as you can for the birth of your baby that is what Gabby was told, but what if it doesn’t go to plan?

Gabby went into labour a week before Indie was born, it was New Years Eve when her contractions started and she really thought she was about to have a new year baby….

But her contractions stopped and she was sent home, it was then a week later that they induced her.

Mum to beHer midwife broke her waters and she straight away felt twinges followed by stronger contractions but never went into active labour. After many hours it was discovered that she was only 3 centimetres dilated and the baby was getting distressed.

The baby was squashed within her birthing canal and needed to come out quickly, so she was told she would be having a caesarean. So all her plans of a calm water birth went out of the window. She was being prepared for surgery and an hour later delivered Indie by C-section.

Not what she had expected!

So what would Gabby tell first time Mums to be that she wished she’d be told:

  • Being induced doesn’t mean everything is going to go to plan!
  • She wished one of the healthcare specialists had spoken to her in greater detail of what to expect when you go overdue and possibly have to be induced.
  • She and her partner would have felt more at ease with the whole process and been more prepared other than feeling scared and vulnerable. But thankfully Indie was born with no complications and she was perfect in every way, even if her little face was a bit squashed and took a few days to recover.

So what would she tell first time Mums to be…..

  • Don’t be afraid to ask the professionals questions, “what if”……..
  • Hospital bag life saver: Spare clothes and plenty of underwear, as she wasn’t planning to be in hospital for long, but thank goodness she had been over cautious and popped in more than she felt she needed…….
  • Baby’s hospital bag lifesaver: a carton of ready made formula milk…….as even though she wanted to breast feed Indie she was told she could top baby up during the night with formula milk ( if she had any) to help baby to settle……. she felt there had been limited support while in hospital with breast feeding!
  • Funny moment: (was there one?) once the drugs kicked in! Everything seemed funny then!
  • Most embarrassing moment: being asked by the midwife was it ok to shave her pubic region “can you do a Brazilian”, next minute she heard the clippers being used, it did make her chuckle but also felt very embarrassing……

Once Indie arrived and was all wrapped up and given to her partner she felt a rush of calm and euphoria, she just hopes her next experience is more positive!

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