A House with a Sea View!

Flinging open the balcony doors I can see & smell the sea! Nothing better for clearing your head. I could just gaze out over the balcony for ages and think about nothing, yes nothing at all which is a rarity…..Fleeting distractions of children laughing and screaming, jumping over the waves; dogs barking (yes a dog friendly beach)! And noisy seagulls screeching! Time well spent!

Lottie at boat clubIt was August and the summer holidays were upon us. This year we decided to holiday in the UK! We couldn’t have chosen a better 2 weeks as the weather was glorious! So we packed the car up, yes we literally packed the car up, you never know if the weather is going to change in the UK, so an outfit needed for all occasions, just in case it rains, it turns cold or Autumn arrives early! My hubby couldn’t actually believe just how much we were taking, even the dog had her own first aid kit, just in case of an emergency! (No vet bills thank you)! I heard him mutter under his breath “how long are we going for?”

We stayed in Hampshire, Milford on Sea in a friends gorgeous beach house, with the most fabulous sea view! We could actually see the Isle of Wight; next time it’s a boat trip over to the Island. A short walk across the road to the sea; perfect, and a 5 minute walk to the local village where you could find a great fish & chips shop and a trendy wine bar – we visited both of these often!

new forest poniesThe New Forest, a short drive away, rewarded us with wonderful walks and frequent encounters with New Forest Wild ponies. Off we would venture with a picnic lunch and spend the days just walking and taking time to see the small things – butterflies, flowers, colourful hedgerow. It certainly made for a simple holiday. I can honestly say we loved Milford on Sea.Butterfly


We picked a glorious week of weather which made for a great holiday and we could have been anywhere in the Med! The only down side was the long traffic jams at the start and end of our holiday – the dreaded M25, but at least no airport delays! I can definitely say we will holiday in the UK again, just as long as the sun shines!

I can confirm Milford on Sea is a great family destination and you can even take the dog!

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