‪Modern technology and child development.

Many parents admit it’s easier to give children modern technology than providing activities to help their toddlers explore! With the availability and instant attraction of modern technology it is easy to be lulled into using this to stimulate little ones.

With such busy lives for parents and the instant pacification that games, movies and videos can give it’s tempting to use phones, tablets, computers and TV as an instant Nanny!

Many mums say it’s sometimes too easy to give children technology to entertain them. We all have to use and be familiar with technology, but in terms of physical, mental, social and emotional development we need our children to experience a broad range of stimulations and interactions.

Toddler development

It is crucial for a toddlers development to allow them to explore, as exploring helps to improve their curiosity, independence, creativity and imagination as well as problem solving. Parents say that due to their busy lives this can prevent them from helping their child to explore. Making time for this is essential to the balanced development of children.

Painting with kids

Ideas for developing creativity, curiosity, imagination and problem solving.

I’ve put together 5 simple activities that parents can do with their child to help them explore and develop!

1: Reading books and storytelling – add props e.g. Puppets, small world toys and fabric.

2: Imaginative play, role playing e.g. The seaside, the travel shop, a florist, pet shop the list is endless!

3: Doing arts and crafts, head off to hobby craft and pick up some creative bits & bobs, you’ll be amazed at the fun you will have!

4: Cooking together

5: Trying new foods together, tasting session trying new fruits and vegetables, make it fun!

6: Growing fruit & vegetables, you don’t need a garden you can use window boxes or planters.

So you can see just a few simple activities can inspire curious minds!

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