About a month ago, my lovely sister in law sent me Slugs & Snails boys tights for my baby son. I giggled at first remembering how novel it was to see our adopted little boy Evan in tights when we would visit him at the Ukrainian orphanage.

Granted, Evan would often sport tights in really boyish colours like pink and pastel purple! Boys tights

Despite this, when I got home, I had regrets that I had not purchased some tights while in Ukraine. The boys tights that my sister in law sent were adorable.

Made by an Irish Company called Slugs and Snails, these boys tights are incredibly soft and cosy. Thick, but not excessively so, the first time I put them on Owen I knew they would be a staple in this wardrobe.

He wore that pair two days in a row and I knew I needed to purchase more. These are much more practical than socks right now.

Socks last an average of 23 minutes on Owen. He takes them off and chews on them, they land on the floor wherever we happen to be. Quite a hassle to be honest. Now that I have these tights, it is less of a hassle.

Anything that makes life even the slightest bit easier is a WINNER! This first pair has seen loads of wear and washing.Owen in Slugs and Snails boys tights

They are as cosy as ever and are standing up to all the crawling that Owen is doing in them.  If you are not opposed to boys in tights, I highly recommend these and for girls as well.

They can be found at: https://www.parentsandco.co.uk/shop/slugs-snails-sky-blue.html

We’re boys! We’re boys in tights!

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