A Testimonial from a Sleep Deprived Mum

As first time parents you get lots of unhelpful advice, especially when you have a problem. Our problem was that we hadn’t had a full night’s sleep for 20 months and the cracks were really showing!

Our daughter would need cuddling to sleep and would wake up every night, at least once, for around 2 whole hours. Lots of people told me to let her cry herself to sleep, but that felt wrong to me, it hurt me to even think about it,so we carried on cuddling her to sleep and hoped one day she’d sleep through the night by herself.

My husband has a demanding job and I am pregnant again and looking after an active toddler, we started to feel like we weren’t fulfilling our roles properly, like exhaustion had become part of our personalities and we were totally different people.

We were unhappy, stressed and parenting became harder and harder. The disturbed sleep must have been having the same effect on our daughter.

Karen was recommended to me by two friends so I thought she must be worth a try!

Parents & Co Sleep Support Service

Karen took the time to get to know my daughter and I, how we worked and all about our history. She made me feel absolutely comfortable and totally respected and understood why I didn’t want try any method that’d leave my little girl feeling insecure. She spent time with my girl too, I felt like Karen LIKED her and that gave me confidence that she would do her best to help us all in a kind and gentle way.

Karen gave us a very comprehensive sleep plan specifically for us, it was very detailed and she went through it with me to make sure I understood and was comfortable with each step. My initial thought was “ha! Yeah right, she’ll never sleep!” however my husband and I were absolutely determined and we started the plan with positivity.

On the third night our little night owl slept straight through, then every night since (except when she’s been poorly or teething).

The only reason we were able to stick to a sleep plan is because we had the reassurance and support from Karen, we wouldn’t have had a clue how to do it on our own and would have lost our resolve after the first night had it not been for the supportive texts and calls – she doesn’t just give you a sleep plan and leave you to it, she recognises that it’s a huge change for you as a parent too and gives you the strength and motivation to keep trying, as well as practical advice.

The Effect of the Sleep Support Package?

It has been life changing, when you become a parent you understand why sleep deprivation is used as torture (I have previously Googled “can you die from exhaustion?”) – but now life is just totally different! I have more patience, I give my little girl more fun on a daily basis, I can do maths in my head again and I no longer do stupid things like put my purse in the fridge and the cheese in my handbag. My husband doesn’t fall asleep on trains anymore and has been far better company too!

Don’t hesitate asking Karen for help, it’s truly awful being sleep deprived and it’s so easy to remedy with the right help, which Karen most certainly is. I wish we’d found her sooner!

Sleep Support for Parents

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If this story has struck a cord with you please don’t hesitate to contact Karen using this link. As this testimonial shows you don’t have to suffer on your own or as a couple. Help is available and tailored to meet your families specific circumstances and needs. All you need is the determination to see the individualised sleep plan through. So get in touch and get your life back!

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