22 August 2019 – Infant Massage Workshop


Time: 10-12noon
Location: Parents & Co Ltd, 15 Tudor Drive, WD24 7NS Hertfordshire

Hands-on Infant Massage Workshop For Hertfordshire Based Parents

During this one off session I will be demonstrating a full body routine to help you and baby relax, spending one to one time learning infant massage is a great way to understand baby’s behaviour, communication and body language.

This session is a great way to get started with ‘baby massage’, particularly if you are a busy mum and don’t have time to commitment to a full on baby massage course, all techniques learnt can be fitted into your normal baby life routine!!

This session will run for 2 hours and will include refreshments, handouts, a free complimentary infant massage oil and also a free copy of our on-line workshop.


The Hertfordshire Infant Massage Workshop covers:

  • Techniques to help aid digestion niggles, settling baby!
  •  Massage strokes to help relieve colic and wind!
  • Infant massage for teething
  • Infant massage strokes for coughs and colds
  • Learn how to massage your baby for the whole body, legs, tummy, chest, arms, face and back.

The workshops are held in relaxed environments, the baby massage session is totally baby-led and very flexible, there is always plenty of opportunities to ask questions!

Cost: £25.00 per person.


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