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Why personalised gifts are perfect for new parents

For many new parents, their baby’s name choice has taken hours of debate and thought. Lists will have been made and crossed out, and suggestions run past friends and family (who of course, will immediately associate that name with someone horrible). Finding the perfect name takes a lot of rethinking and planning! So when a little one finally arrives into the world, what better way to celebrate than with a truly thoughtful gift that gives the parents a chance to show off their perfect, well-thought out name choice?

Personalised gifts come in many forms

Personalised gifts are a perfect way to show care and thought, and personalisation takes shape in many forms. From engraving to printing, painting to vinyl stickers, the choices are vast and easily accessible to everyone in this multimedia age. Whatever you have in mind for a personalised gift, it can probably be created! Ideal for any celebration, they’re especially apt for new parents and babies as they truly reflect how special that new little name is. Gifts can be found to suit all budgets, and the best can be used by baby immediately; such as a comforter, teddy, pram blanket or dolly that he or she will snuggle for the first few months, and often much longer. Thoughtful gifts are also more likely to become keepsakes; for example embroidered blankets, keepsake boxes, pictures or cushions detailing baby’s name and birth details.

Personalised gifts show appreciation and celebration

Your choice of gift is hugely important. A thoughtful present will show your feelings, so will mean something to the buyer as well as the receiver. When buying a personalised present for a new baby, many people are concerned that in the longer term, an everyday blanket or toy might not be cherished. In this case you may be more inclined to choose something suited for use in the nursery, such as a picture frame, photograph album, toy chest, or moneybox. Shawls and blankets might be saved for use at a future christening or can be draped across the back of a nursing chair; displaying baby’s name to be seen by new parents.

Personalised gifts are useful!

Inscribed gifts can be more than keepsakes. Many have practical uses that new parents will love! Clothing for example can be personalised; baby grows, hats, coats and bib sets are great for displaying names, keeping children warm and looking great! It’s true clothing will be grown out of, but this could be perfect if a family uses a traditional name, so can pass items down though the generations. Bath time accessories are another useful example; a personalised hooded towel is a must as it’s bound to get lots of use and be a favourite over plain towels.

The parents will appreciate it!

Choosing to buy a personalised gift shows that you have paid attention, taken the time to note of the details of the new baby, and in many cases gone that extra special bit further in the process of choosing the gift. A gift that offers something a little different and unique will almost certainly be recognised by the parents; the time you spent choosing a gift will be noticed! Most importantly is to make sure you’ve got the spelling correct, check and double check as nowadays even the most ordinary names can have the most extraordinary spellings!

Author bio: Written by Suzanne Gibbard, mother to three and owner of Bundles of Joy a business which sells personalised baby and christening gifts.

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