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The Mabyland trek carrier is the most versatile carrier on the market! This award winning Mabyland baby carrier is an ideal solution for you and your baby to enjoy time together, promoting closeness and developing a unique bond, whilst leaving your hands free!

The two position baby carrier allows your little one to face either towards you when they are newborns, and they can also face outwards as soon as they can support their own head at approx 4 months, this baby carrier fully supports your baby’s head whilst facing towards you which is an excellent feature to have.

It can help to soothe the symptoms of colic and reflux, as you are able to keep your little one upright.

The Mabyland trek carrier includes a unique super soft attachable cotton blanket-protecting baby from chilly winds or bright sunlight, which is a fantastic addition to this carrier. It also features a large storage pocket, handy for carrying keys, purse, phone or baby’s soothers.

This baby carrier is even more simpler than you imaged to use, easy fasten clips and comfortable straps that can be adjusted in seconds, good quality and excellent value for money, holds up to 20lbs & suitable from birth up to around 1 years old.

There have been numerous studies into the benefits of baby wearing for both the wearer and baby, the results of which were staggering and not to be ignored, studies showed that baby’s who were carried for just 3 hours a day would cry 43% less overall and an astonishing 54% less during the evening. (Paediatrics Journal).

Presented in a packaging box it makes a great gift for parents.

Available in 3 colours Beige, Black & Silver and Black £59.99


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