Reusable nappies have been used for centuries. You may have been a Terry towelling nappy baby yourself- I was!

In the 50’s along came early versions of disposables and by the 90’s the days of smelly buckets and bulky nappies were over! Fast forward to today and suddenly reusables are back.

So why are people choosing to use cloth nappies over disposables?

  • You are saving the environment. Using just one reusable nappy a day saves the equivalent of 365 disposables in just one year! So scale that up to a baby using 5-10 nappies a day for up to 3 years- that is a lot of nappies going to landfill!
  • You could save up to £800 over the nappy lifetime of your child (more if you use them for a second or third child!)
  • Many councils offer incentives to help purchase your reusable nappies- I got £50 cashback!
  • They are kinder on your baby’s skin – no more nasty chemicals!
  • They are easy to use and are just so cute! So many different prints to choose from!

People have the misconception that reusables are a hassle. Older generations tell us that they were awful and we should stick to disposables as they are ‘easy’.

What Katy DidHowever, times have changed and modern cloth nappies work just like disposables – they even have Velcro, so no more pins!

The fact you are reading this means you are considering it right? I have been using reusable nappies for 9 months now- starting on my toddler and now on my new baby.

I would never go back to disposable nappies as I cannot justify creating that much waste when the alternative is so easy.

My husband was not keen on us using them at first but even he has had to admit that the savings we are making are impressive!

‘What Katy Said’ is a Mum’s blog about life as a wife and a mother. Katy is a stay at home mum of 2 and shares her experiences about anything and everything to do with being a parent. Before becoming a mum she was a Early Years teacher and so the blog has a special emphasis on learning through play. Find her on Twitter @whatsaidkaty for updates on her blog. 

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