I am often asked by parents if its ok to give their baby a pacifier/dummy, let me reassure you they are not bad to use, there are pro’s and con’s which i will share with you. They can serve a real need for sucking and this can help a baby with their regulation gate. Babies are wired for sucking, it is functional, calming and as said regulating for them.Some babies with tongue ties, mouth dysfunction or reflux will do well with certain pacifiers. The issues can start to occur if the pacifier or dummy is overused! I always suggest to remove the pacifier/dummy once baby is asleep or try to not always replace it when they cry.


1: Soothing – they can help soothe and calm a fussy baby, especially if baby is suffering with wind discomfort.

2: Sleep Prop – they may help babies fall asleep and stay asleep.

3: SIDS Prevention – some studies suggest using a dummy/pacifier while baby is sleeping may reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)


1: Dental Issues – prolonged usage could lead to dental issues,,such as misaligned teeth and changes in the shape of the mouth.

2: Reliance – babies can become very reliant on the pacifier for sleep, so each time they wake or stir they can cry until the dummy is replaced! This can sometimes cause issues weaning off a dummy,

3: Ear Infections – Some studies have linked increased ear infections with overuse of a dummy.

4: Breastfeeding – until breastfeeding is established it may be better to wait to introduce a pacifier, as it might interfere with hunger cues and latch, i normally find 2/3 weeks is fine as long as feeding is going well.

I suggest to most parents i support to consider weaning off the dummy around 6 months to help minimise reliance of it to fall asleep, some parents find themselves becoming the dummy butler! I also recommend limit the use of the dummy, try other soothing methods first then try to only use until baby is calm and then remove, you are only trying to pacify baby. And an important hygiene keep them clean and regularly inspect them for wear and tear! Please never put them in your own mouth before giving it to baby. If used long term it could also affect a little ones speech, especially if they try to talk with the dummy in their mouth. My approach if used is use them wisely with moderation.

If you want to discuss weaning off a dummy why not book a trouble shooting call x

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