Parents & Co’s 5 Essential tips for your newborn’s sleep….

This month Parents & Co are focussing on the topic of becoming new parents, with a few handy and essential tips on coping with a newborn and the inevitable lack of sleep!

Having a new baby is blissful, you couldn’t be more excited about becoming a parent, and your life seems perfect! Well that’s till the initial excitement wears off and your gorgeous newborn throw’s your life into chaos!

  • Baby won’t sleep!
  • Can’t put baby down (as they start to cry as soon as they hit that crib)
  • Baby will cry (a lot)
  • Baby doesn’t feed!
  • Sore, leaking breasts!

Life as new parents feels like an endless blur of feeding, changing, crying and more crying! Sleep deprivation kicks in, you feel shattered and emotional!

It wasn’t meant to be like this, I was totally prepared! (nothing really prepares you)!

It does get better, I promise!

So newborns don’t know the difference between day and night and it’s common for newborns to wake up often (every few hours) to eat, they need fuel to grow!

So I want to share with you 5 essential tips to help……

1. Sleep when your baby sleeps!

Yes this is so important to sleep when your newborn sleeps, mums need to rest as much as possible in those first few weeks. Believe me the washing and tidying can wait! If you have older siblings then sleeping when your baby sleeps may not always be possible, so choose a time when you can just get some rest in the day.

skin to skin2. Skin to skin contact.

Babies love to be in contact with warm soft skin, it helps stabilise their body temperature and stimulate the release of oxytocin, the love and bonding hormone, its also a brilliant baby calmer!

3. Swaddle Baby.

Most newborn babies love to be swaddled; it makes them feel safe and secure. Remember while baby was in the womb they were snug and safe with little room to move around, so it must feel very strange to them after they have been born! Always follow the safe guidelines for safe swaddling.

4. White Noise.

Newborns love sound and noise, while they were safe in the womb they were surrounded by sound. So playing white noise can help soothe and settle a newborn infant (I find the airplane sounds offers a soothing comfort to babies, not always the sounds you think)!

5. Be realistic.

Remember don’t expect your newborn baby is going to sleep at night, because they wont and nor should they as they need to feed frequently. But it doesn’t mean they wont, dealing with a newborn waking up all day and night can be extremely exhausting and challenging!

There are some gentle sleep techniques you can start to implement once feeding has been established, which Parents and Co have included in their Mum and New baby postnatal courses and their sleep workshops starting in June 2017.

Case study:

Many parents are eager to get their baby sleeping through the night. The reality is that many babies aren’t ready to sleep through the night, until they are around 6 months old.

I have been supporting a lovely family with a newborn who had severe reflux and a big sister who was finding life with a new baby brother hard to adapt to!

I offered one to one support to mum, gently supporting her with her daily challenges, just being there to pick her up and tell her she was doing such a good job being a mum! Looking after her, so she could start to get stronger and gain back her confidence!sleeping baby

Firstly we needed to deal with baby’s reflux, after seeing a reflux specialist he was prescribed medication and special formulated milk, we also organised a few visits to see a cranial osteopath and I showed mum ways to help make him feel more comfortable especially after feeding.

Once baby’s reflux improved we could start to gently implement a simple routine and establish positive sleep associations. I am so proud of this mummy and her gorgeous baby (who is now 5 months old) he now has 2 good naps a day and is self-settling, we just pop him in his crib, he groans for a few moments then he is asleep, and he has occasionally slept through the night!

Mum now feels so much better, she is finally enjoying motherhood and all the goodness it brings…We worked together as a team; mum told me she felt empowered and able to deal with all that motherhood through at her! The main thing she took on board was being patient and consistent with both the baby and his big sister.

Sleep Workshops.

Many parents find they need support and guidance with establishing good sleep routines and sleep associations. As a Sleep Coach I offer one to one individualised support for the and also run  small group sleep workshops.

If you would like to book our one to one postnatal support which may include: newborn feeding, settling techniques, sleep (for both mum and baby), routines, crying etc, then please get in touch with Karen 

Exciting News! Parents & Co will be expanding the locations of our courses, workshops and events from September 2017……..

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