Combination feeding.

Are you worried about moving from breast-feeding to bottle? No need to be, as you can do combination feeding.

Many mums feel breast-feeding gives baby good health benefits and bonding, where as bottle-feeding enables dads to share this experience.

Many parents worry combination feeding will confuse babies, but with the right bottle there should be no difficulties.

Most experts say wait until baby is a month old before introducing a bottle to ensure breast-feeding is well established. Sucking milk from a bottle requires a different mouth and tongue movement than breast-feeding and it may take a little time for your baby to get used to the change.

Try these tips a go for a smooth transition:

  • Offer a bottle in the evening after baby’s regular feed, just to get used to the nipple!
  • Start with a small amount of breast milk, a couple of ounces.
  • Make sure you start with a slow flow nipple, as a regular or fast flow nipple may flood them with milk and make them gag or give them colic wind.
  • Ask your partner, mother or friend to give baby their first bottle, as baby may get confused if you feed them and wonder why they are not getting breast.
  • Many mums say they have to try a few different nipples to find the one closet to the breast. Speaking to a few daddies they said being able to feed baby made them feel great and part of this special bonding time too!

At Parents & Co we stock Mimijumi bottles which encourage babies to latch on just like they would with the breast, meaning parents can carry on with both.

mimijumi vh 3

Mimijumi very hungry baby bottle, breast feeding to bottle feeding, combination feeding

With the anti colic nipple baby takes in less air when using the Mimijumi bottle and does not require as much winding after a feed, so baby will be easier to settle.

Mimijumi come in 2 sizes; Very Hungry and Not so Hungry with replacement nipples available.

Mimijumi bottles are made from the safest materials and they are free from Estrogenic Activity and contain no BPA or phthalates.

They pass all global standards and exceed both US and European regulations. You can even pop these bottles in the dishwasher and they are steriliser safe.

They are a must have for new mums wanting to do combination feeding!

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