Breast to bottle feeding is a challenge for all mummy’s and combination feeding for a time is needed to make the transition.

This is a really interesting review from a mummy who for the first time introduces the Award winning Mimijumi bottle to her fully breastfeed baby……

Many mums want to combine breast feeding with bottle feeding, but find many fully breastfed babies wont take a bottle.

The Mimijumi bottle design replicates the shape and texture of a mum’s breast to make the breast to bottle transition smoother and more effective. The top of the bottle is canted slightly, so the nipple is horizontal when the bottle is held in your hand, sitting comfortably in your hand in a relaxed position.

The bottle itself is designed at an angle, making the milk flow easier. The nipple is vented, which helps minimise gas problems with gassy, colicky babies.

In combination with breast feeding as a breast to bottle supplement you will only need a couple of Mimijumi bottles, making the cost of ownership affordable and good value for money.

The challenge is in finding the right bottle for baby!

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