Are you struggling with a lack of sleep? Dealing with a crying baby can be upsetting. Stress affects the attachment growing between you and your child. Baby massage can help.

Our Baby massage classes teach you how to help your child sleep, ease teething or deal with colic. Doing the massage routine with your baby will nurture the precious bond between you both. Baby massage will enable you to feel in control of your child’s wellbeing, and encourage you and your baby to bond and feel ever closer.

Parents & Co offer small group courses and individual 1 to 1 teaching to mums and dads in infant massage techniques including shiatsu massage. Infant massage can help promote a positive relationship with baby, especially for Dad if he is not able to be involved in the feeding of baby during the early months.

The benefits to baby and both parents are substantial.

What are the benefits of infant massage?

Infant massage has many added benefits for your baby, including:

  • greater bonding with parents/carers,
  • stimulation of all the physiological systems of the body ( circulatory, nervous and gastrointestinal),
  • increased relaxation, helping soothe your baby and help them to sleep,
  • it helps baby feel secure and increases trust,
  • provides quiet focus, sensory stimulation which is necessary for growth and development.
  • Baby massage can aid digestion and help ease teething pain,
  • parents often say they find it relaxing too!!

What are the benefits of infant massage for parents?

Infant massageInfant massage stimulates the feel good hormone Oxytocin in parent’s and your baby. The hormone Oxytocin is the hormone that gives you a warm loving feeling when you hold your baby close or breastfed baby, baby massage can raise levels of Oxytocin in babies, which can help them to feed and sleep better and feel more content. It is known to lower blood pressure, reduce pain and minimise stress!
Happy babies = happy parents!!!

Infant massage is a great means of communicating with your baby and develops a greater awareness of baby cues. Infant massage helps parents to learn how to respond to their baby’s needs and an increased confidence in handling baby.

What is infant massage?

baby massage courseInfant massage is a gentle, rhythmic stroking of your baby’s body with your hands. Using natural oils to help your hands to glide smoothly over your baby’s skin. You can gently manipulate baby’s ankles, wrists, fingers and toes. It is a lovely time to communicate with your baby talking softly, humming or singing to your baby while you gently massage, which can help to make it more reassuring for your baby.
Infant massage can be introduced after birth and parents can be shown simple strokes to do on their babies at any time. Through gentle strokes and touch a massage can help develop and relax the nervous system particularly during the early months. Baby massage is about parents being taught skills to then find their own special way to massage their baby. Working on baby’s feet can be very grounding and relaxing.
Infant massage can help mums with postnatal depression interact with their babies. Baby massage is great for Dads or partners too, some Dads say they miss out on a lot of hands on care of their newborns, but a regular massage with Dad can become a routine and helps to bring both Dad and baby closer together.
Massage is particularly good for premature babies in special care, resulting in: weight gain; improved digestion and bowel movements; calmer response to stress and pain; more stable brain activity.
Studies show that massaged premature babies tend  to be well enough to go home with their families sooner than babies who aren’t massaged.

Importance of touch!

We know that birth touch, contact before, during and right after birth sets the stage for a child’s lifetime sensitivity to tender touch. Loving touches lay the foundation of health and emotional stability, they build trust and security.
Infants need a nurturing environment to activate the genes that develop healthy brains!

Learning massage techniques

Parents and Co Baby Massage CourseTo learn infant massage techniques and skills contact us to find one of our baby massage course running near you or to arrange one-to-one instruction. We host baby massage and shiatsu classes in Hertfordshire, providing step by step massage strokes, gentle exercises and relaxation techniques that benefit both mum, dad and baby.
You will learn massage skills and also shiatsu techniques.
We also offer once a month a session for Dads to come along and massage their babies and meet other Dads.
We aim is to teach infant massage by demonstrating the strokes and techniques and encouraging parents to find their own special way to massage their baby.
Our classes are run in a fun, relaxed environment, allowing time for social and bonding experience’s for mums, dad’s and their babies.

Contact Parents and Co to find out more or call Karen on +44 (0)7762 038269



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