It is really useful to have a baby essentials guide to help parents to plan for the things you will need as you prepare for your baby’s arrival. Remember babies grow very quickly!

Baby Essentials Guide


  • Crib or Moses basket
  • Cot/New mattress (a must for a new baby)
  • Fitted sheets and blankets, make sure bedding is nice and soft!
  • Swaddling Muslin’s or blankets
  • Room thermometer
  • Digital baby thermometer (for babies temperature)
  • Baby monitor
  • Night light for baby’s room

Bathing and changing:

  • Baby bath or a baby support for bath
  • Toiletries, sponge, flannel, cotton wool
  • Baby care products, gentle on the skin
  • A hooded towel
  • Nappies newborn
  • Nappy pail or bin with lid.
  • Nappy sacks
  • Baby wipes
  • Brush soft
  • Baby scissors
  • Changing mat and travel changing mat


  • Breast feeding:
  • Nursing bras
  • Breast pads – washable or disposable
  • Nipple balm
  • Nipple covers
  • Front opening nightshirt – useful when breastfeeding
  • Muslins
  • Breast pump

Bottle feeding:

  • Bottles and teats x 6
  • Steriliser: – steam, microwave or cold water
  • Bottle warmer
  • Bottle brush
  • Formula milk
  • Muslins
  • Soother


  • Infant car seat/carrier
  • Pram/Pushchair that is suitable from birth
  • Baby carrier or sling
  • Travel cot or Moses basket if you have one
  • Changing bag with changing mat


  • Baby body vests short sleeved x 6
  • Sleep suits x 6
  • Cardigans x 2 ( or jackets )
  • Scratch mittens
  • Socks
  • Hat
  • Bibs many!
  • Shawl or blanket


  • Play mat/activity mat
  • Rattles/musical toys
  • Pram and car seat toys to hang
  • Mobile for cot
  • Bouncy chair

What to pack for your hospital bag:


  • Birthing plan!
  • P.J’s or Nightshirt front opening for feeding
  • Slippers or warm socks
  • Toilet bag and toiletries add a few nice things: lib balm, face wipes etc
  • Nursing bra and breast pads
  • Camera with spare battery
  • A watch with a second hand to time the contractions or a smart phone (some hospitals don’t allow phone’s)
  • Relaxation material: magazines and iPod
  • List of family and friends phone numbers
  • Maternity towels with big knickers for comfort!
  • Comfortable clothes to wear home
  • Contact lenses or glasses
  • Spare change for car park!
  • Energy fruit bars, could be a long day!


  • Newborn nappies and wipes
  • Vests
  • Sleep suits
  • Hat
  • Blanket or shawl
  • Muslin square
  • Infant car seat

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