Having recently experienced the stress of having baby in the pram ready to go out, but him screaming the house down, whilst I dashed around like a mad thing assembling all the baby changing items needed for a simple outing to the shops; it made me reflect on the need for having a baby changing bag ready to go!Nappy Purse Parents have to go out and about with their baby and changing facilities may not always be ideal. Also there are essential baby products you always need to take along on a trip to the shops, a walk or an outing to see friends and family. Baby changing bags are a must have item and should be at hand with everything in them. Many are designed for comfort and come equipped with many compartments, making it easy to access all items quickly! There are so many on the market to choose from so here’s my essential guide to getting the right baby changing bag..

Bag sizes:Matchel changing satchel

Baby changing bags come in many different sizes and can have an array of features. For instant when buying a baby changing bag for twins, the size of the bag is probably the most important factor to consider. Most baby changing bags will fit on your baby’s buggy or pram with ease or you can buy a great gadget my buggy buddy clip allowing the baby changing bag to be attached to the buggy safely taking the strain and weight off a parents shoulders (they can be very heavy)! A well designed baby changing bag is really important because a well organised bag enables parents to find necessary items quickly and easily, when you’ve got a screaming baby you don’t want to have to search around for their soother or bottle!

Pockets and compartments:

Lots of compartments help to organise the space so that essential items can be found quickly, bottle pockets, if you have twins you would need to make sure the baby changing bag has two of these. Most of these are often insulated in order to keep the milk warm or cool, depending on the situation. Some baby changing bags come with special areas for dirty nappies or wet wipes as you never know when you might need to do an emergency nappy change! All compartments should be easy to open, and it’s definitely worth thinking about storage areas for parents own items, such as purse, mobile phone, and keys.


Nappy PurseRemember the baby changing baby will get dirty because of the nature of things carried inside it. Therefore, it is a good idea to opt for a bag that has a washable lining. Many bags can be wiped clean with a moist cloth. The material of the baby changing bag needs to be durable and hard wearing, as you will want it to last into toddler years. Some baby changing bags are water resistant and can keep the contents dry in case of rain!

matchel openChanging mat:

I would recommend you make sure your baby changing bag has a changing mat, as it is good to have your own mat when out and about as you can easily keep these clean.


It is really worth thinking about your lifestyle before choosing a baby changing bag.

There are so many baby changing bags on the market, so what do you need to look for before you buy:

  • A detachable, washable or wipe clean changing mat.
  • Lots of pockets, great for keeping items separate and to hand.
  • Insulated bottle pocket, this is really useful for keeping foods or bottles of milk cool.
  • Many compartments good for separating items such as nappies clean or dirty, clean clothes, bottles and creams etc.
  • See-through pockets or mesh pockets, easy to spot items you need from inside your bag.
  • Accessories – some bags come with extra’s such as a dummy holder, or a dirty nappy bag, a place to keep keys, money or purse in.
  • Adjustable padded strap, this makes it easier to carry the baby changing bag or hooping round your pram handles.

So what essential items do you need in your baby changing bag?

  • Changing mat
  • Nappies
  • Wet wipes or cotton wool
  • Nappy sacks
  • Nappy cream
  • Soothers
  • Bottle’s
  • Muslin
  • Bibs
  • Change of clothes
  • Snacks (weaning baby)
  • Small toys

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