24 hour in person support

24-hour in-person support package

from 6 months to 8 years old | £650

24 – Hour support offers in person/virtual coaching and ongoing remote support.

I will spend 24 hours with you observing your little one’s naps, daytime routine, bedtime and the rest of the night, offering strategies to make changes and positive sleep associations.

This package is great for parents who are feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, having that hands on support will help you understand your baby’s or child’s needs, giving you the tools and confidence in managing these challenges.

I will be on hand to respond to situations and issues you are facing to give you support, advice and an individual step by step plan, plus 4 weeks of on-going support via WhatsApp, text or email and 4 follow up calls.

My 24-hour In-person Support package includes:


Hands on coaching for 24 hours, I will come to your home in the morning to help support, advise and coach you on naps, feeding, bedtime and any night wakings. *


In depth Evaluation – comprehensive questionnaire and sleep diaries completed.


Personalised Sleep Plan (may include: bedtime routine, gentle night feeding/weaning plan, Sleep tools and resources, sleep coaching method recommendations, night one walk you through bedtime and any additional information relevant to your child/family.


Unlimited support via whatsapp or email for quick questions, reviewing your child’s sleep logs and checkins (emails are answered within 24 hours, Monday to Friday)


Extra bedtime support can be booked at an hourly rate

*Travel costs may need to be covered depending on location.

Book your 24-hour in-person support package
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Alternatively, you can drop me an email –  karen@parentsandco.co.uk or call me:  +44  (0) 776 2038269.
I will aim to get back to you within 48 hours

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